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Bro. Jimmie Lee Jr,  Minister of Music

Elder Ezra Howard, Director of Orchestra

Sis Joy Stokes-Moton, Director of Liturgical Dancer


The overarching goal of the Music Department is to create an atmosphere for the Spirit of God to have free course. (Psalms 149, Ephesians 6:12). While the natural definition of choir shows us that anyone can sing Gospel music when it is viewed as a mere art form, the ministry of destroying yokes and changing lives and outlooks can only be filled through the anointing and the power of the Holy Ghost. The overarching goal for the youth choir is to help young people to grow, musically and spiritually. We desire to usher young talent into the realm of ministry and excellence. Finally, the overarching goal for the children’s choir is to educate, develop and inspire children to attain the highest level of excellence in preparation for church ministry and life. We desire that every child has a real relationship with the Lord.



  1. Promote the growth and development of all music and worship arts constituents

  2. Foster understanding of Biblical teaching of the Levitical concept

  3. Enhance all music entities throughout the brotherhood.

  4. Provide opportunities for exposure to faithful music persons, to the jurisdiction, regional department, and the National Church.

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