fqa'S & Refund Policy

What do I do if I need to cancel my registration?


All purchases are FINAL. All payments are non-refundable. This policy is clearly stated on all of our materials, both printed and on the web. Unused registrations/applications have no monetary value and cannot be credited to future years, events, or merchandise. All registrations/applications will be mailed to the designated person at the end of the rally.

Contact Southern Region IYD Registration


If you are unable to submit your request using our refund form you can contact Southern Region IYD helpdesk using one of the methods below. Please be sure to include your contact information and note the nature of your request.






Southern Region IYD

Youth Rally Refund

899 Old Tchula RD

Lexington. MS 39095

Travel FAQ’s

Can I drive to Little Rock for the SRIYD Youth Rally 2022?

Yes, and parking is available at the Second Baptist Church (based on availability and all parking spaces are free).

What is the closest airport to SRIYD Youth Rally 2022?

The Airport closest to the Second Baptist Church is Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Little Rock, AR.

What are the hotel accommodations?

Hotel accommodations are listed on the website, please click here for the list.

Registration FAQ’s

Does the registration fee include any meals?

No meal isn't include,

When should I register?

You should register to attend Youth Rally 2022 as soon as you have made a definite decision to attend. Those participants who are able to make a commitment to attend at an early date will receive the best registration rates and have the best chance of securing their preferred hotel accommodations. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Can I register additional people when I get to the rally?

Yes, registration is available on-site. Space is very limited, so we encourage you to register NOW!

What's the easiest way to register for the SRIYD Youth Rally 2022?

The easiest and quickest way is to register online and pay by credit card. You may also contact Registration Customer Service Department by calling 662-299-0465 or register through banking.

When will I get confirmation of my registration?

Confirmation of your registration will be viewed immediately as you are navigating the website. An email confirmation will also be mailed to you, for those who registered online.

What is the minimum number of individuals for a group?

There isn’t no a minimum number of group registrants. You can register as many as you want to.

What information do I need to register online?

  1. Each register must provide a email address for communication purposes.
  2. Each participant must provide the information below, before register.
    • Full Name
    • Full Address
    • *Email Address
    • Contact Number
    • Church Name
    • Jurisdiction Name
  3. You can register a group, select a group leader who will be responsible for collecting the registration packages onsite. Create a list and collect each participant T Shirt size before registering.
  4. Provide a credit card/ debit card payment for the registrations.
  5. Check your inbox for your registration email confirmation.

What information do I need to register by banking?

Download the form by CLICK HERE, please complete the follwing steps:

  • Text to Eva Lewis Phone # 662-299-0465
  • Email Address: southernregionfinance@gmail.com
  • Mailing Address: 899 Old Tchula RD, LEXINGTON, MS 39095
**Money must be received before order is placed** 2. DEPOSIT CASH OR CHECK INFORMATION:
  • Bank: Regions Bank Account Name: Southern Regions IYD Account #: 0114801906
  • On your deposit slip you order place YOUR NAME and YOUR JURISDICTION. This will ensure. that your orders sheet will match the correct deposit slip.

What if I don't have an email address?

Please call our Registration Customer Service Department at 662-299-0465 for assistance.

Are there any extra charges for using a credit cards?

There isn't any charge added to credit card payments

General FAQ’s

What is Southern Region IYD Youth Rally?

The Southern Region IYD (SRIYD) Youth Rally, is an annual Youth Rally of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. International Youth Department. Youth Rally is a two-day youth and young adult festival. It is the go-to destination for the entire youth department, which is geared towards TRAINING, EDUCATION, FELLOWSHIP, INSPIRATION, EMPOWERMENT, BREAKTHROUGH, HEALING, LIFE CHANGING and good old-fashioned CHURCH! The goal of SRIYD is to achieve effectiveness in ministry. Our endeavor to create an atmosphere that invites young ladies and gentlemen to cry out and seek the face of God.

The Southern Region IYD Youth Rally, a family involvement experience, brings youth, young adults, and leaders together from five states: Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee, as they share fellowship in one setting, in one place, at one time with something for EVERYONE... Our region has become the model for other regions and a beacon of light for this generation. To every leader, THANK YOU for your continued service. Thank you for investing in our young people! God will not forget your labor of love and your labor is certainly not in vain.

Where will SRIYD Youth Rally 2022 be held?

SRIYD Youth Rally 2022! will be held in Little Rock, AR at the Second Baptist Church. You can get the most up-to-date information by visiting the Southern Region IYD website.

Who can attend SRIYD Youth Rally 2022?

Men, women, youth, young adults (ages 13-100) and kids (ages 0-12); anyone who wants to be a part of this one-of-a-kind Youth Rally.

What can attendees expect to walk away with?

Attendees can expect a positive, spiritual, family-friendly experience that includes stimulating workshops, high-energy youth rally, and cutting-edge special events for all ages. The Youth Rally offers educational, entertaining, and empowering activities for men, women, young adults, teens, and children. Youth Leader should be excited to know their children will have the same great, inspirational, and entertaining offerings as before, but also included will be an area geared towards learning, creativity, reading, and STEM. Along with this, there will be sessions and resources available for youth leader looking to learn about how they can prepare their youth, no matter their background or socio-economic status, for greatness. For parents and students interested in college, there will be a couple of college zones where all the pertinent info on college, scholarships, grants, and more will be found.

What will happen during SRIYD Youth Rally 2022?

Over the course of the two-days, there will be a variety of offerings for the youth department. The three main anchors of Youth Rally 2022 are Youth Leaders Training (geared towards all youth leader "State, District, & Local"), Destiny Kidz (geared towards kids ages 5-12), and Empowerment Session (geared towards teens, ages 13-18). For those who want to work on their craft of dance, there is the Destined to Dance Workshop. At Destined to Dance, attendees are given the opportunity to learn dance techniques, and even perform on the main stages during SRIYD Youth Rally! For those who want to work on their skill of music, there is the Sound of Thunder, attendees are given the opportunity to learn music techniques, and even perform on the main stages during SRIYD Youth Rally! There is no shortage of entertainment at Youth Rally 2022, with the Gospel Concert and much much, more!

What is the dress code for SRIYD Youth Rally 2022?

Attire for Youth Rally is casual. Youth Leaders attire for Friday evening, khaki bottoms and navy blazer with baby blue tops or shirts. Saturday, t-shirts.

What security measures will be in place for everyone in attendance at SRIYD Youth Rally 2022?

Safety at Youth Rally 2022 is a priority! For your protection, security will perform security measures in all venues in an on-going effort to ensure your safety.

How will the attendees know which location to go to?

Once you've registered, a schedule will be sent to you. There are many things to do at Youth Rally 2022 and you can choose which sessions you'd like to attend. The schedule is subject to change, so be sure that you pay close attention to the schedules that will be posted daily throughout the Second Baptist Church during Youth Rally 2022.