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Executive Team
Regional Vice Presidents
President Avery Pruitt , Alabama 1st
President Hosea Malone,  Arkansas 2nd
President Paul Gatlin, Louisiana 1st
Regional Assistant Chairladies
Chairlady Vernette Albert, Louisiana Eastern 2nd
Evangelist Jennifer Armon, Mississippi Southern 1st
Regional State Coordinator
State of Alabama
President Avery Pruitt
 State of Arkansas
President Karl Barnes
State of Louisiana
Bro Wayne Myles
State of Mississippi
Evangelist Jackqueline Williams
State of Tennessee
Dr. Charles Chandler
Regional Fiscal Affairs Team

President Charles Byes, Director

Bro Wayne Myles, Treasurer

Sallie Williams, Financial Assistant
Marketing  & Events
  Director of Logistics & Marketing
Elder Larry Lewis II
Assist Director of Marketing & Design/Photographer
Sis. Jennifer Dixon
Assist Director of Marketing &  Media Coordinator
Elder James Dixon Jr.
 Assist Director of Marketing & Media Coordinator
Bro. Delano Barth

 Director of Security & Protocol
Andrew McClellon Jr.

 Director, Youth Advisory Council
Assist-Director, Youth Advisory Council
Evangelist Nykemia Brown
Commissions, Networks, and Auxiliaries
Director of Registration

Evangelist Eva Lewis
Director of Children Ministry 
Evangelist Lela Howard
Director of Education Commission
Dr. Charles Chandler

College Campus Ministry Commission
Elder Robert Fleming Jr.

Director of Young Preacher's Network
Elder Edward Clark

Director of Young Women in Ministry
Evangelist Betenia Bolden
Director of Urban Initiatives
Evangelist Kimberly Cole Bentley
  Minister of Music
Bro. Jimmie Lee Jr.

 Director of Orchestra
Elder Ezra Howard

Director of Liturgical Dance
Sis. Joy Stokes-Moton

Director of Nurses Unit
Director of Young Adult Ministry
Evangelist Betenia Bolden

Director of Young Men of Valor
Elder Dywon Lewis
Young Women of Excellence
Evangelist Rhonda Rippy, SRIYD Chairlady
Director Organized Sport Commission
Evangelist Barbara Henderson

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