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Endeavor to develop our Youth (Today's Future Leaders) to their fullest potential in Christ.


I. To aid Pastors in the development of their youth, as it pertains to:

  • The salvation of the youth and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost

  • The Spiritual growth of the youth

  • The increase of the youth involvement in youth activities

  • The increase in youth enrollment

II. To equip our State, District, and Local Youth Leaders with the tools necessary to advise in developing effective youth departments on the Local and District levels (as needed or requested by local Pastors). 


III. To lead our young people to Christ and a Spirit-filled life.
IIII. To equip our local youth leaders in how to develop the youth of the local church. 


V. To develop or enhance the Youth Departments that will recruit other young people:

  • The church will become a breeding ground for other youth to get to know Christ

  • Involve the youth in Soul Winning


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